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SimpleLife Organizers is a professional service company and domestic business organization. Our philosophy is to help teach people and their families to enjoy a better life. Our services entail the personal organization of any area in the house, whether that being, large or small closets, dressers, kitchens, children’s rooms, libraries, garages or storage facilities.

We work on creating appropriate working spaces where ideas become reality.

We assess the situation of goods in small businesses and then provide complete management of goods and inventory by eliminating clutter and improving the work environment.

Our services include Home Staging, removals, inheritance and other special organizational offerings for people with disabilities.



These are the opinions of some of our customers.

“It is difficult to explain in a few words my personal experience with SimpleLife, with the help of Lorena Peláez. Without realizing it, her work creates an atmosphere of surprise, relaxation and wellness. I was absolutely confident with her amazing work. It was very rewarding.”

Marita Úbeda Psychologist, teacher and housewife

“I moved and urgently needed to unpack and arrange all my stuff, so I asked for Lorena´s help. It was an incredible feeling of relief that I felt when I returned from work one day and saw that everything was perfectly organized.”

Gladys Perez Architect

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