Do you want to sell or rent your home? If so implement HOME STAGING

1 April, 2017
For those who have never heard of this concept, home staging is a technique that consists of preparing and presenting real estate in an optimal way to make it more attractive to potential owners and tenants. This is an English term that...


1 March, 2017
It was 6.00 a.m. when my pregnancy test marked the word “zwanger” (pregnant in Dutch). I didn’t want to wake up my husband, so the first few moments of excitement and nervousness was spent in intimacy with my little offspring,...

Chaos In Children’s Rooms. You Can Do It!

9 April, 2015
I know you would like me to be there with you to do the work together, but don’t worry, I’ll give you some tips that you can begin to implement and action on your own. Choose the day. You do...

The Importance Of Order

8 March, 2015
Remember basic concepts. Order is a very important aspect in Feng Shui because it deals intensively with the vital energy, the chi, and its current appearance in various forms and manifestations in time and space.The influences of order and disorder...

Harmonize Your Home To Promote Health And Wellbeing: The Energy Of Your Home

15 February, 2015
Who has ever heard about Feng Shui or the influence of energy on the environment and the welfare of people? In this article I will try to make a brief introduction to the Feng Shui philosophy and its application in...

The Psychology Of Clutter (2)

10 January, 2015
Confronting Your Closet Demons. Professional organizers and therapists offer these tips to help clean out clutter and prevent it from accumulating: Start small: If you don’t have time or energy for a big job, tackle one drawer or corner a...

The Psychology Of Clutter (1)

20 December, 2014
What different types of crowded closets suggest about their owners? Psychologists say closets can be a window into people’s mental health, whether they’re spare or jam-packed. An article published in The Wall Street Journal that I recently read, mentioned several...