The vitality, energy and one’s physical condition will change throughout life. Disabilities are more common in older people and also frequent visitors of other age groups for various reasons. You must not give up and therefore enjoy a nice tidy home.

Maintain cleanliness and proper order of items tailored to personal circumstances, this will allow you to widen spaces to move around more effectively and easily.

SimpleLife gives you the possibility to organize your home in a personalized and adequate manner. Because life is not always easy, we will break their barriers and improve accessibility organizing your belongings.


How to organize the house for a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

A clean and orderly home reduces the stress and fatigue of any person and becomes more noticeable and necessary in people with mobility difficulties or other ailments such as Alzheimer’s, as well as providing them with greater clarity and independence.

Numerous investigations conclude that patients with limited options, for example when dressing, feel less stressful and the task becomes easier.

An orderly house, free of obstacles or objects as well as the access to the belongings in a logical and simple manner, it will allow the movement with freedom and confidence.

Step by Step

  • Thorough cleaning of cabinets and selection of appropriate clothing, discarding clothing that has become unusable or that over the years were not used. Only the clothes corresponding to each season of the year will be kept in the closet. Choose washable clothing that is not necessary to iron and easy to put on and take off: Velcro fasteners, polos, shoes without laces, socks without heel markings etc.
  • Keep photographs, sentimental objects and albums or scrapbooks that help stimulate memory.
  • Label products, cabinets and even doors with drawings if necessary.
  • Pay attention to adequate lighting by eliminating dark areas that produce distrust and highlighting key areas, such as the bathroom where it is convenient to keep a lamp on at night. You can also place luminous bands that point the way from the room to the toilet. It is convenient to fix the lamp on the bedside table to facilitate its switching on and off without dropping it.
  • Secure carpets and doormats to the flooring.
  • Check if there are electrical cables that drag along the floor and place them at a higher and covered. Also install protectors on the plugs.
  • Remove excess ornaments and furniture with protruding peaks or with crystals as well as padding the corners. Have safe chairs that are easy to stand up, with armrests, backrest and adequate height.
  • Fixing of non-slip strips on the edge of the stairs. It is advisable to put a barrier at the beginning and end of them to prevent access.
  • Keep small appliances (blender, sharpener, lawnmower), matches, lighters, firearms, car keys, toxic products (bleach, medicines etc.), locked and the first aid kit free of any medication.
  • Elimination of inside door locks. The windows and exterior doors must be provided with a safety device that prevents them from being opened without assistance.
  • Remove all small objects.
  • Protect the radiators with a safety grid, checking that they are secure.
  • Regulate the water heater to avoid possible burns.
  • Secure certain dangerous sites such as balconies, terraces, pool edges, etc.
  • Reduce toilet items to a minimum and install safety bars in the shower and toilet.
  • Cover or remove mirrors so that the person does not get a fright with the “stranger”.

Keep in mind that it is better to organize and gradually restructure the home environment in the initial phase of any illness, thereby avoiding sudden changes, instead of waiting until the person has adaptation problems. Everything must always remain in the same place so that you do not have to look for them, just take them to avoid confusion.

Remember our motto: “A place for everything and everything in its place”

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