Housekeeping practices are the first step to ensure a job gets well done. It helps prevent accidents and assists in the utilization of physical space, whilst improving the image of the company to customers.

For small businesses, we organize your merchandise and make periodic inventories according to your needs. We offer these services quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

You’ll save on reduction costs and thereby avoid duplication of orders and being out of stock.

Our working method is based on the 5S technique that was developed by Toyota in the 60´s. It´s goal is to attain a more professional work environment and to achive workplaces been better organized, more orderly and cleaner.

We will achieve higher productivity and a better working environment for your business by:

–  Removing useless and unwanted items.

– Organizing the workspace effectively.

– Improving the level of cleanliness in the workplace.

– Preventing the appearance of dirt and disorder, through the systematic application of the previous three.

– Using the method as a habit.


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