SimpleLife Organizers is a company based in Palma de Mallorca and provides an exclusive service of restoring order in Domestic and Business Organizations.

Our goal is to provide families with a fully organized home and improving efficiency in corporate environments.

My motto is "A place for everything and a everything in its place"

Any space at home can be organized, wardrobes and dressing rooms, kitchens, rooms for children and adolescents, bookshelves, offices, garages and storage rooms.

In companies, the purpose of an organizational service is to provide the complete organization and archiving of documentation, work materials, merchandise or stock, eliminating clutter and improving the overall work environment. This service is carried out through the implementation of a document management system and the application of the Japanese Working Method 5S.



  •  On my first free audit assessment, I will establish your needs and study the spaces you want to organize.
    • The first meeting will serve as a basis for evaluating your lifestyle, your preferences and your tastes in order to provide you with a totally unique and personalised service.
  • Thereafter I will provide advice based on the conclusions that I feel are necessary and then estimate the total scope of the work that is required in the organizational sessions.
    • The estimated hours of the service are established according to the needs of each person, the level of order or disorder as well as the decision-making capacity which entails what to keep or what to remove and then deciphering whether to donate or sell.
  • I will facilitate the hiring of a cleaning service or other services such as painting, repairs, installation of furniture or shelves etc… if necessary.
    • In the case of large-scale jobs that require the collection of belongings, rubble or garbage by a specialized company, I will also be able to provide you with the contacts for hiring this service.

My goal is for your home to be a haven where you can rest and enjoy yourself. A place where you feel at peace with yourself and with your belongings.

I will help you remember and rescue clothes from the back of your closet that you did not even recall ever having.

You will once again enjoy the pleasure of cooking in a clean and perfectly organized kitchen with everything that you need as clutter hampers tidiness and efficiency.

Your children can study and play in a versatile room where everything is at their fingertips.

The garage will never again be a cabin full of useless junk where you can never find anything.

Together we will create cohesion in order to facilitate a relaxed environment that fully adapts to your needs and lifestyle.


Let me make your life easier!

I am your refuge,

your sanctuary,

your friend.

That's why I want to protect you,

take care of you and pamper you.

I want to hug you and encourage you.

That's why I won't leave you alone.

I'm with you.


Postscript: YOUR HOUSE



Several studies and a recent survey indicate that people experience a lot of stress throughout the day, we are concerned with work, family and other areas of our life.

When we get home, we want to be safe from everything and everyone.

Does your house offer that serenity that we seek after a long hard day of work, or do we feel on the contrary, an additional stress that we might not be considering?

Could it be the lack of order?

If we have a messy space, poorly decorated, or clearly it is in chaos, life and relaxation at home is impossible.

The accumulation of goods, belongings and documents without any utility, hinders the rhythm of our daily tasks.

Another factor that would indicate the need for a change is the level of cleanliness of the house. When the number of belongings makes a correct, efficient and fast cleaning impossible, it is time to ask for help.

A professional organizer can be the ultimate solution to a common and natural clutter problem.

Through effective organizational work, you will regain well-being and peace in any room in your home and in your workplace.



Through an effective management system and a better distribution of space, there will be no object that you cannot find, no matter how small it may be.

This valuable time that you waste looking for things around the house, will become free time for you, your family and friends.


Restoring order will prevent you from buying cleaning products, bathroom or kitchen items twice.


Remember that simplicity is sophistication at its finest.

Menos en Más



A unique experience ...

"It's hard to explain in a nut words my personal experience with SimpleLife Organizers. Lorena organized all the closets in my house. His work was developed in an environment of relaxation and absolute confidence. It was very gratifying to see all my wardrobe in perfect order. When I saw the result I just felt peace."

Marita Ubeda. Autonomous psychologist


A quick and perfect job ...

"I had moved and urgently needed to unpack and accommodate all my stuff, so I asked Lorraine for help. It was amazing the sense of relief I felt when I came back from work one day and saw that everything was perfectly organized." Gladys Perez. Architect at Architech BIM modeller


It was my salvation ...

"I'm getting older, and my concern was to leave all my paperwork tidy. I met Lorraine and it was my salvation. Alone it is very difficult to do it, and to do it well, with it has been a real pleasure, for her understanding, kindness and professionalism. I am very grateful for the peace of mind that your work has provided me, and I am sure that tomorrow, my family will also thank you."

Pilar Llabrés. Retired entrepreneur


The order has returned to my company the efficiency ...

"Thanks to Lorraine's help and great professionalism, my office changed completely. He managed to sort the file, prepare my schedule, organize reservations, and above all create an efficient and relaxing workspace. The customers and I are delighted."

Pedro Cañellas. Owner and director at Torrent Fals

The Marie Kondo Mallorquina

"I have two teenage children so anyone can imagine how their rooms were. After Lorraine's work, my kids have never left a T-shirt out of their closet. It's really magical."

Esther Salvador. Lawyer