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During these days of seclusion, many of you will wonder how you can organize yourself to work from home and take care of your family at the same time and in the same space.


  • Flexible schedule. You will establish and set your own work schedule adapted to your own personal and family situations.
  • Elimination of the expenses of eating out and transport costs.
  • You can use comfortable clothes to work.
  • No more crowds or traffic.
  • You will have more time to spend with your family.

When we are in the office, nothing sounds more ideal than a gray day at home with your favorite blanket and your laptop on your knees next to a cup of hot coffee. When we are at home we remember the jokes at the office and wonder if the coffee machine was as bad as we thought it was.

The challenge of learning to focus in a diverse environment will be a valuable skill for work and life in general. This will help you in the long-term as companies have already started to incorporate working from home, by outsourcing their services and offering geographic mobility for their employees.

If we get into a routine and enjoy minimal distractions, then working from home can become the best option.

Many of us are currently working remotely. The good news is that it's certainly possible to work from home with the kids around, even if our home life together is like a bread and butter sandwich.

If you think it sounds easy, it is harder than you think and if you think it sounds difficult, it is also harder than you think. It requires a great will, generous doses of organization and a lot family cooperation. BUT IT IS CERTAINLY POSSIBLE!


  1. Plan every day and every week by establishing a work schedule, your meals and sleeping routines. Unless you are forced, follow the routine strictly.
  2. Designate a place to work and be dedicated. You can go from turning a spare room into an office, mounting a desk in the kitchen or even hiding in a corner at the back of the garage.

People who work from home implement all kinds of strategies to spend their days working efficiently, but all of these strategies share the same common thread: establishing a fixed workspace.

The key is to install a functional workspace so that our brain equates it to "working time" so that you can maintain a productive working mentality.

It is necessary that all family members know that the reserved space will be "the office" where entry is totally prohibited.

If you are able to set these limitations with your family from the beginning, you will save yourself future problematic discussions.

3. Dress in suitable clothing. You can wear casual clothes but do not stay in your pajamas as your mind will not fully activate the "on" work mode.

4. f you have young children to take care of, alternate the working hours with your partner. While one of you is looking after the kids the other person can be working between one and a half to two hours and vice versa.

5. Share the preparation of family meals, homework and other household administration tasks that needs to be done.

6. t's easy to get carried away by working late into the night. Establish login and logout timing sessions with your computer.

If you don’t carry these tasks out then your brain, mental and physical state will suffer and reflect on the family as a whole.

These things will also help you:
Noise-canceling headphones


  • If you have outdoor space, work outdoors. There is nothing like natural light.
  • If you work with a computer, it is important that the light enters from the front of the window or ideally from one side, but avoid having a window behind, especially if it is very close, since the light will reflect on your screen.
  • Use curtains or blinds to block out direct light.
  • Don’t place your desk facing a wall as you still want ocular space without feeling boxed in. A sense of visual space is important to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Use organizational systems and tools such as agendas, whiteboards or online calendars.
  • Get organized just like you were in the office and set priorities by making adjustments if necessary.

The most important thing is that you maintain discipline and don't let your guard down. Once you have a set routine, you will never want to go to the office again.


Lorena Peláez Valdés

Personal Organizer
Palma de Mallorca

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