Disorder does not understand social status, economic status, religion or family type. Disorder enters our lives stealthily and invades the most unsuspected corners and the most prodigious minds.
I have seen families hold on to memorabilia from their pet for ten years after the pet has died.
If you want to enjoy a tidy and clean home where you feel relaxed while you are there, you have two alternatives to get it:

1. Do it yourself
2. Hire the help of a professional organizer.

The longer you leave it, the greater the disorder and the more work it will be.
Suppose you choose option 1. Where do you start? I suggest you start with the clothes. The method is simple:

1. Place several cardboard boxes or chairs near the closet that you want to organize and deposit on them by categories all the clothes that you are taking out: T-shirts, blouses and shirts, dresses, sweaters, pants, skirts, jackets and coats. Remove all clothes from their hangers. One of the boxes will be used to store the clothes you discard. And what do I discard?

What is not your size
What you have not worn for more than a year
What is outdated or out of fashion

Anything torn or damaged or unstitched that has been waiting for more than 6 months to take to the dressmaker!
Clothes that have been given to you and that you do not use because you do not like them, but you keep them for sentimental reasons.

2. Take each garment out of the closet and deposit it in its corresponding box.

3. Remove all hangers from the cabinet and clean it thoroughly. Do not forget the corners of the bottom of the closet please! If you clean with water or a product that moistens, make sure to dry it thoroughly.

CLEANING RECOMMENDATION: WATER AND VINEGAR (economical, degreasing and eco-friendly)

4. Put back the clothes you have decided to keep in this order:

  • Dresses
  • Blouses and shirts
  • Tshirts
  • Knitted jackets and sweaters (if they are heavy it’s better to fold them rather than hanging)
  • Skirts and pants
  • Jackets and Coats

Once you have the closet tidy, continue with the underwear and socks ...

Remember that organizational habits in a house are difficult to change, but it is not impossible. Therefore I recommend a drastic organization from beginning to end. If you try to organize a drawer every day, by the time you finish organizing the whole house, you will find yourself back where you started.
Forget the advice of decoration magazines and fashion blogs that recommend you perform this task little by little. It does not work like that. You must have patience and be persistent, but at the end of the marathon, you will be greatly rewarded.

If you have any questions, contact me. I will be happy to help you and answer all your questions !!!


Lorena Pelaéz
Professional Organizer - Palma de Mallorca

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