Tired of getting up every morning to see a closet full of clothes but you can’t find anything to wear?

Don’t have the time to organize or renew your wardrobe?

Do you still have those shoes that you no longer wear or that are uncomfortable?

Is changing clothes from one season to another challenging?

Do you have clothes that still have a label on?

If most of your answers are a YES, you clearly need to put your wardrobe in order.

Get in touch with me and I will solve all your doubts and questions about how to organize your wardrobe. Request a personal appointment with me without any commitment. The first visit is completely free if you live in Palma de Mallorca. I also travel to other cities and provinces to perform my organizing services. Do not stay with the doubt, I will be eager to assist you!


There is no need for you to renew your wardrobe every season. Just choose the basic and essential items as a wardrobe background and complement them with original, interesting and elegant pieces that work for you.

Your main goal when dressing must be your personal style, even if you like to follow the latest trends. No matter how old you are, dressing well consists of developing your personality with your own fashion.

An orderly and well-organized wardrobe corrects our natural tendency to clutter, and helps us find our best style.

The 20s

It's time to experiment and try different styles and combinations among the thousands of options available to you. Explore who you are and play to your liking with fashion. Feel free. It's the perfect age to literally take a different style every day of the week. At this age and when fashion is concerned, they will not judge you. Take risks and mix colours and fabrics. Monday: borrow a blazer from your male friends; try a custom military jacket on Tuesday. Dress as ultra- short as you dare on Wednesday. Wear worn jeans and a logo shirt on Thursday. On Friday, flirt with a sexy mermaid dress and mix all these styles with great accessories on Saturday and Sunday.
All you need to start are a few basic items: jeans for you, a basic shirt, a jacket and a party dress or two. From there, take risks and express yourself as much as you can. Shorts like night clothes? A peekaboo dress? A suit of jacket combined with high boots? Fabulous.

The 30s

A few years along into working and social world have filled your biggest bags and filled your agenda. Your daytime life is based on basic necessities; Small and lovely tube skirts, dresses, tailored pants and some great jacket. Between day and night there is often no time to go home and try five sets in front of the mirror. So, how can you quickly change your look as if it comes straight out of a “Mary Poppins” bag? Make sure you have the right bag, for example. Buy an elegant leather one in which you can easily keep a small sequined jacket or a pair of high-heeled shoes that stylize the tube skirt and the lady-style blouse you wore to the office. Make sure you have room for a spectacular necklace, a set of bracelets and a wide patent leather belt. (Surely you also have space to hide a couple of dancers as an emergency).

The 40s

Your mantra is to be elegant yet sexy even if you live on the more urban and chic side of the street, so change minis for long baggy pants that make your wardrobe have a more refined style. Bet on the shapes that best suit your figure and do not forget the power of colour or showing off a sexy shoulder, back or leg. All efforts to dress appropriately at this age are now summed up by nice and simple dress shirt, but in a vibrant tone that will leave your best friend in awe. Buy quality clothes and invest in a dressmaker or tailor, who can make pants, skirts, blouses, jackets and even a pair of worn jeans, designed especially for you.

The 50s

The fifties are resourceful and the furthest from the frumpy (outmoded and unattractive). All the rules of an impeccable tailoring, fine fabrics, quality materials and complementary colors still apply, except now, the elegant style has become something natural and you do not spend hours and hours in front of your closet, looking for the right outfit. You have amassed an excellent collection with infinite possibilities of combinations. You know how to choose from your everyday garments the perfect combination, regardless of the occasion. You immediately understand what to wear and how to wear it. There are no second guesses. A summer wedding after 6:00 pm; A cocktail dress stuck in a cheerful tone with some delicate embellishments. Sunday brunch followed by an afternoon shopping; a loose coat tossed carelessly over a dress with a sophisticated collar. Gala dinner? Out comes the formal wear. A weekend spent relaxing? Striped t-shirt, white jeans, various cashmere cardigans and wedge sandals. But you already knew it.

The 60s

You have cultivated your personal style for years, but you still enjoy incorporating trends subtly with a bag, a scarf or a pair of shoes. You look at fashion to add something really ground-breaking to your wardrobe. Your outfit can be transformed in several ways with bright accessories, such as a lot of chains, a loose scarf, a metal belt or a necklace that draws the eyes towards a thin neckline.

The 70s

The most avant-garde women have a real wardrobe treasure to choose from: sexy costumes, elegant evening gowns, the perfect pair of worn jeans and lots of gorgeous sweaters and tops. In the same way, your collection of accessories and jewellery are iconic pieces that have resisted the vagaries of fashion and are varied enough to adapt to each situation. No matter what you wear, you never seem outdated. And the best part: the clothes you bought intelligently years ago still look great. Congratulations.



Start by choosing the correct hangers for each type of garment. Change the dry-cleaning hangers and those with difficult-to-handle shoulder pads, select fine hangers, compatible with your most delicate clothes. They allow you to maximize up to the smallest wardrobe. You can also hang on them dresses, shirts and shirts. Choose the correct width of the hanger to match your clothing size.


For each new garment you add to your wardrobe, try to remove one. If you do not do it, soon your cabinet will be overflowing.


This allows you to gain space and expand clothing for each season. Keep clothes clean and in vacuum bags. In this way you will protect it from moisture and moths and it will occupy a minimum space.


If you keep handbags and shoes in bags and boxes, label them. You will avoid broken boxes and bags scattered throughout the room at the time of dressing.


Make sure you take advantage of the lower and upper sections of the cabinet. Install some shelves and you will see what great space you gain.


Dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, jerseys ... Order your wardrobe by type of garment, so you will easily find any blouse or dress you want no matter how thin or elusive it may be.


I will help you to organize the closet completely, once and for all. It does not matter if you have 10 or 100 shirts. With a professional cabinet organization service everything will be placed and in perfect order so that when you get up every morning, enjoy choosing your outfit.

Take advantage of this service to renew your wardrobe, your image and even a new look.

You will have fun, you will enjoy the results and you will not regret it! Contact me without any commitment for more information.