If you are looking to sell or rent your home, the HOME STAGING technique is currently your best ally. It is a marketing strategy that aims to enhance the home and present it in a more attractive way and thus be able to sell or rent it faster. The results are extraordinary, waiting days are reduced from 130 to 35 days.

It is an alternative tactic to the price drop that many sellers have to make in order to sell their home. This price reduction means a reduction between 10,000 and 15,000 euros at best. However, by using the techniques of home staging and with a budget of 1,500 euros, a good presentation can be made.

It has been demonstrated how a person falls in love with a house and practically in the first 90 seconds makes the decision to buy it. The house either does not appeal to you or you fall in love with it. This decision is not only influenced by a beautiful presentation, because no matter how well decorated or presented it is, the price has to be appropriate to the market.

The increase in the purchase price and rental of established housing has in turn boosted the increase in the budget for the improvement of houses. More and more real estate agents and individuals are betting on this marketing technique before introducing properties to the real estate market. Given the increase in the supply of established housing, it is necessary to look for new alternatives that differentiate us from competitors; home staging is one of them.

This technique was introduced in the USA in the 1970s by the decorator and visionary Barbara Schwarz. It is estimated that 80% of American homes have undergone a process of home staging either by their owners or by specialized professionals (home stagers). It quickly spread to Australia and Canada and reached Europe in the early 90s. It first appeared in England, then in Scandinavia and in 2000 it reaches Germany, Belgium, Holland and France. It was not until 2007, coinciding with the crisis in the construction sector, when home staging began to be applied in Spain.


The home staging can be applied to all types of properties intended for sale or for rent. It is not exclusive to homes: commercial premises, offices, industrial buildings, farms, hotels, boats and even caravans can use this technique to accelerate their sales or rental process.

There is the big difference between home staging and decoration. When we decorate, we do it in a way that satisfies the tastes and functionalities of someone in particular, that already inhabits, or will be moving into the property. That is, we decorate under the instructions of a client or specific customers.

The home staging also aims to improve the image of the property but for potential customers, all of whom have different preferences and tastes. Therefore the techniques used and the objective in itself is very different between decorating and home staging and other disciplines.


1. Applicable to all types of properties: new or established homes (furnished or empty) commercial premises, offices, industrial buildings, farms, boats, caravans etc.

2. Its use is also independent of the size or condition of the property or sale price.

3. It will increase the number of visits of potential customers as well as the speed with which it is sold or rented.

4. In general, the value of the home increases.

5. Its application does not imply major renovations.

6. Very good results are achieved by simple techniques.

7. The investment made is usually much lower than the reduction in the price that many sellers are forced to make.


The trends in colour were not contemplated when the home staging technique emerged a few years ago. Although there is still a tendency towards the use of white and neutral tones as a base, new home staging projects appear with bright, intense, serene and sweet colours that transmit endless sensations to the potential customer eager to find something new and current in the market. Try to ensure that all the rooms of the house are in harmony and consult the new fashions in colour if you want to differentiate yourself from other examples of home staging.

A good photographic presentation will make your home stand out from all the others. Do not skimp on hiring a photographer specialized in real estate photography or a home stager that includes this service. More than 90% of those looking for a home do it first through the Internet. Advertising without photos or those in which the cover photo is of very poor quality, do not even receive visitors. The photographs of a house for sale or for rent should be attractive and appealing. They must show the potential of the home. Watch the lighting, get wide and panoramic views of the spaces but be careful when using wide-angle lenses. The photographs must be realistic. The prospective buyer cannot have the impression that it is a bigger house than it really is because you run the risk of disappointing them as soon as they see it. Try to take the pictures on a sunny day, keep the photographs straight and of course take care of the details by making sure there is perfect order inside and outside before completing the report.

There is nothing more attractive to the human eye than the symmetrical elements. The simple explanation is that the symmetry is familiar to us. Objects and symmetrical images are governed by rules that our brain has been programmed to recognize easily. Place your furniture so that they form perpendicular lines between them and make sure that the decorative elements are placed enticingly in view.

Aesthetically, furniture plays an important role in home staging. Empty spaces are not attractive to potential buyers and tenants. Everything seems much smaller without the reference of a piece of furniture. If you have one or more unfurnished rooms, place 3 or 4 elements in each and make each room represent a different space. You can easily convert an empty room into an office or a living room. The Association of Home Staging Spain confirms that furnishing and decorating a floor for its quick sale usually costs an average of 0.45% of the sale price and investing in the presentation of your apartment results in it being sold quickly (in 55% of cases in less than 40 days) and for the best price (in 45% of cases the price goes up to 25%). Therefore, we can conclude that investment in new furniture for a home for sale is profitable.

Imagine that the potential buyer is allergic to cat hair or has a phobia of dogs and you wait at the door with your pets. It is better if you avoid uncomfortable situations. Ask a family member or friend to take care of your pets for a few hours and receive visitors without worrying that they may be a distraction.

The impression that good lighting achieves should never be ignored. The visit of a potential buyer can be ruined on a grey and rainy winter day. However, by placing an artificial light at strategic points it will give a feeling of a comfortable and welcoming space and this feeling will add many points to the property. Who does not want a cosy house in the winter, sheltered from the cold with perfect lighting even if it is artificial? Light the rooms with warm lights on the bedside tables. For bathrooms and kitchens, a similar light is fitted in the ceiling, preferably white light and possibly a spot- light in the work areas. Try to balance natural and artificial light in the living room; you can help to stage a cosy corner with a faint artificial light and a specific light that illuminates the dining table and the furnishings that accompany it. Both natural and artificial light can generate very pleasant sensations, brightness and mood lighting will play a very important role if they are used properly.

Remove all personal items that identify your home. The prospective buyer or tenant should feel your home as their possible future home and that will be impossible with personal photos and other belongings in sight. Pack away the toothpaste and toothbrush, bath gels and other hygiene or cleaning products. Clear areas of the room which appear to have a lot of ornaments and decorations, the less ornaments or decorations displayed will help you achieve a universal taste that will make everyone fall in love. It is very difficult to distinguish between what is valid, what is usable and what we should remove, so at this point I recommend the advice of a home stager with an objective and professional viewpoint.

Ventilate your home for at least 15 minutes before the visit. Open all the windows and let the air circulate. The smell of damp and a closed- in house can ruin the first impression completely. Avoid air fresheners and anything with chemical odours. Instead use natural scents such as fruits, a bouquet of flowers or simply fresh air. Avoid smells of food, tobacco and animals, as it is proven to distract the visitor. It is vital that at the subconscious level your home pleases everyone and is attractive to all the senses and smell is 150,000 times more susceptible than sight. Incredible but true!

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There are two types of real estate; those that impress and those that are just beautiful. It's up to you.
If you want the advice and help of a professional in the art of Home Staging, do not hesitate to contact me. After seeing your house impeccable to put it up for sale or to rent, you may have a change of heart and decide to stay in it forever.