It was 6.00 a.m. when my pregnancy test indicated the word "zwanger" (pregnant in Dutch). I did not want to wake up the future dad, so the first moments of excitement and nervousness I spent in intimacy with my Little “bud”, growing already millimetre by millimetre inside of me. After a few days, which I remember in a state of unprecedented happiness, my brain began to work as usual and I decided to start preparing for the arrival of my baby.

One of the first things I did was to acquire two good books: "Your pregnancy week by week" by Lesley Regan (Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics) and "Baby’s First Skills" by Dr. Miriam Stoppard, (A guru in child care). I enjoyed them so much that I thought I was wrong in my profession.

After a few days I informed my family and my closest friends of my pregnancy. Some people recommend waiting until the end of the first quarter, but I was clear about it; the good news must be shared and even more so with the people who love you. Of course I was worried about the possibility of a miscarriage in the first trimester, it worried me until the end, but at that moment I was overwhelmed with happiness.

About fifteen days later I requested an appointment with my gynaecologist, who confirmed what I already knew. I was pregnant!

During the first month I continued enjoying that state of permanent happiness. I never wanted it to end, until one day the nausea and vomiting came and they accompanied me everywhere for the next eight weeks. In the street I was looking for discreet places, corners and trees to lean on until I regained my breath.

Those days I missed the hugs of my mother, my sister and my Friends. I appreciated that they prepare pureed vegetables for me.

During that time when my smile changed to tears and when I began to question everything, I did not make many preparations. Striving to eat healthy foods was already a great challenge for me. But one good day, around week thirteen, everything went returned to normal. I regained my strength and usual mood. The countdown then began for me. There was no time to lose! I had heard that you “just became an expert in childcare” and that's how it is. No matter what you are advised, you want to investigate and test for yourself each of the brands, models and colours. For example: Carts, cribs, car seats, and a host of gadgets. Some necessary and others not so much. In my case, I started to inquire about baby- carriers, strollers and car seats. After many comparisons, questions and tests, these were finally my main purchases:

CARRY-COT AND STROLLER. Brand: Bebetto. New in the market but entering with firmly and competing strongly, not only in price but in design and quality, compared to the most recognized brands.

CAR SEAT. Brand: Nuna, model REBL plus 360 °. Robust, smart and exceeding the i-size security standard.

BABY-CARRIER. Brand: Ergobaby, model 360. Four ergonomic positions and with the possibility of using it from birth with the Ergobaby baby cushion.

CRADLE. Brand: Piccolandy, Nice model. Standard measures 60 x 120cm and 3 positions in height. 4 wheels with brake (in my case). Available in white and beige and with the possibility of buying it separately without having to purchase the set with quilt, protector and bedguard . download

BABY CHANGING STATION AND ACCESSORIES. Brand: Ikea. With perfect height, practical storage and easy cleaning.

• Changer:
• Bath:
• Diaper support:
• Changer pad:
• Changing cover:
• Storage baskets:
• Small towels:


By Lorena Peláez
Personal Organizer - Palma de Mallorca

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