A unique experience ...

"It is difficult to explain in a few words my personal experience with SimpleLife Organizers. Lorena organized all the cupboards in my house. Her work was developed in an atmosphere of relaxation and absolute confidence. It was very rewarding to see all my clothes in perfect order. When I saw the result I simply felt peace."

Marita Ubeda. Self-employed psychologist.

A quick and perfect job ...

"I had moved and urgently needed to unpack and accommodate all my things, so I asked Lorena for help. It was amazing the feeling of relief I felt when I returned from work one day and saw that everything was perfectly organized."

Gladys Pérez. Architect at Architect BIM modeller.

It was my salvation ...

"I'm getting older, and my concern was to leave all my documentation in order. I met Lorena and it has been my salvation. Alone it is very difficult to do it, and doing it well, with Lorena it has been a real pleasure. Thank-you for your understanding, kindness and professionalism. I thank you very much for the tranquillity that your work has given me, and I am sure that tomorrow, my family will also thank you for it."

Pilar Llabrés. Retired businesswoman

The order has returned to my company the efficiency ...

"Thanks to the help and great professionalism of Lorena, my office changed completely. She managed to organize the filing, prepare my agenda, organize reservations, and above all create an efficient and relaxing work space. The clients and I are delighted."

Pedro Cañellas. Owner and director at Torrent Fals.

The Marie Kondo Mallorquina

"I have two teenage children so anyone can imagine how their rooms were. After Lorena's work, my children have never left a shirt out of their closet. It's really magical."

Esther Savador. A lawyer