SimpleLife was born as a result of my passion for order and as a response to the need to create organized spaces safe from daily stress.

My training and professional experience working for international companies in different places, has allowed me to know first-hand the challenge of facing a new home and the importance of balance between family and work. It is at that precise moment when you realize that being organized is the key to getting the most out of life and enjoying every minute of the day.

Being organized is an art, an intuition and a way of life.



Lorena Peláez,
Professional Organizer


I was born with this predisposition to order and organization. I remember how it started as girl of only seven years of age. I spent my weekly pocket money on Sundays, then 50 pesetas, to convince my sister to teach me and organize my wardrobe the same way as she did. She was 5 years older than me, and the pioneer in the family with this ability. I wanted to be like her and, I got it! Although like Goya, I also experienced my dark age called "adolescence".


On my first free evaluation visit, I will establish the needs and study the spaces you want to organize. This first contact will serve as a basis to evaluate your lifestyle, your preferences and your tastes, in order to provide you with a totally customized and personally adapted service. Later I will communicate the conclusions, the estimate and the total scope of the work, as well as the program of the organizational sessions.

The estimated hours of service are established according to one's own needs, the level of order-disorder and decision-making capacity on your part, as to what to keep or discard, either as a donation or for a possible sale.

I will facilitate the hiring of a cleaning service or other services such as painting, various repairs, and installation of furniture or shelves, if required.

In the case of large-scale works that require the collection of equipment, paper or garbage by a specialized company, I can also provide you with the information needed for this service.

I will help you to feel at home calm, relaxed and at peace with yourself and your belongings. You will rescue clothes from the back of your wardrobe that you did not even remember you had. You will come home to enjoy the pleasure of cooking in a clean and perfectly organized kitchen with everything you need. Your children can study and play in a versatile room where everything is within reach and the garage or storage room will no longer be a room full of junk where you can never find anything.

Let me make your life easier!


Several studies and a recent survey indicate that people experience a lot of stress throughout the day; we are concerned about work, family and other areas of our lives. When we get home, we want to find a safe refuge from everything and everyone.

But does our house offer that serenity we seek after a long day's work or do we feel additional stress when we walk through the door? Could it be the lack of order?

If we have a messy space, badly decorated, or obviously chaotic, then relaxation at home is impossible.

The accumulation of goods, equipment and documents without any use, makes the rhythm of our daily tasks difficult. Another factor that would indicate the need for a change is the level of cleanliness of the house.

When the amount of belongings makes cleaning impossible, it is time to ask for help. A professional organizer can be the definitive solution to this common problem.

Through an effective process of organization you will recover the well-being and peace in any room of your home or even in your workspace. We will create a relaxed atmosphere that suits your needs and lifestyle.


Through effective management systems and a better utilization of space, there will be no object that you cannot find no matter how small it may be. This valuable time that you lose looking for objects throughout the house, will become free time for you, for your family or to be with your friends.


Being organized will prevent you from buying cleaning products, bathroom or kitchen items that you already have. You will rescue clothes from the back of the closet that you did not even remember.Less is more. Remember that simplicity is sophistication at its best.

MY COMMITMENT:                                                                                                  SOLIDARITARILY PROVIDING A RESPONSIBLE SERVICE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT

I will help you to identify items that you have but no longer use, and suggest the most useful and responsible way to dispose of them, either by re-using the item or recycling.

Keeping the environment in mind and opting for donating items rather than just throwing them away is always a more sustainable approach.

In this manner you will be contributing to the regeneration of new products and also saving, and possibly re-using raw materials.

This will result in the benefits for everyone, including you!

SimpleLife Organizers es una empresa responsable con el medio ambiente
Un servicio solidario