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Home Organizing

We organise your home for you, so you can enjoy more of your life, with your loved ones.

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For a few years, homes have evolved into a space where we feel good, both physically and emotionally, and where we are safe, that provides us with everything essential to live, that responds to our needs and our lifestyle.

Turning our house into a fortress where we can take refuge is a reality and a trend in the face of the need for protection against a constantly changing outside world.

Any space in the home is likely to be organized, cabinets and dressing rooms, kitchens, children’s and teenagers’ rooms, bookstores, offices, garages, and storage rooms.

At SimpleLife Organizers we are specialists in home order and cleanliness.

In the domestic organization lies our goal of providing a completely organized home, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment where you have what you need at hand and enjoy quality time.

Cabinets & Dressing Rooms

The Wardrobe is the open window to our self and our personality.

A neat and well-organized closet corrects our natural tendency to clutter and helps us find our best style.

  • Tired of waking up every morning and discovering a closet or dresser full of clothes where you can never find what to wear?
  • Don’t have time to organize or renew your wardrobe?
  • Do you still have those shoes that you no longer wear or that hurt you?
  • Is changing clothes from one season to another difficult for you?
  • Do you keep garments with the label on?

If most of your answers are YES, you clearly need to organize your closet.

Your main goal when dressing should be your personal style, even if you are one of those who likes to follow the latest trends. No matter how old you are, dressing well is about developing your personality with your own fashion.

We will help you organize the closet completely and once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100 shirts, with a professional closet organization service everything will be arranged and in perfect order so that when you wake up each morning, you will enjoy choosing your new outfit.

Take advantage of this service to renew your wardrobe, your image and even a new look. You will not regret!

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The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. In it we met several times a day and we share very important moments of our lives.

On many occasions, new projects and dreams are discussed at lunch or dinner, so it is important that you maintain an appropriate order and proper organization of this vital space.

We have cabinets and drawers full of unnecessary utensils and items that correspond to other rooms in the house. Water and electricity bills, bottle corks, napkins and small children’s toys coexist on the same shelf or drawer.

Tidying up the kitchen doesn’t differ much from the process of tidying up other rooms, but if this task seems heavy, boring or you just don’t have time or want to face this challenge of organizing your kitchen, we can help you.

With the kitchen organization service, you will once again enjoy the pleasure of cooking every day. Plan your day, get up with energy and have breakfast with your family sharing dreams.

How will we do it:

  • We will empty, clean all the closets, and make decisions with each object.
  • You will keep what is necessary and used.
  • I will offer you to sell, give away or donate what you have never used and will never use.

Get ready to brand new a fully equipped kitchen, clean and professionally organized, where you can enjoy the pleasure of cooking every day. You will thus achieve the harmony and stability necessary to enjoy and start the day organized and full of energy.

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Children's & teenager's rooms

Children’s rooms take a short time to collapse so it is often necessary to put a little order in them, removing what they no longer use and organizing the rest of the things they need every day.

Children grow up quickly and have new clothes, new toys, books and study materials every year.

Trying to organize all this maelstrom in a single room in a way that they enjoy and at the same time that everything is organized is a challenge. It also requires large doses of patience and if you have two, three or four little ones, the issue is complicated.


  • Together we will discard what is no longer useful to your children and we will organize the rest.
  • I will teach you to achieve an order that lasts.
  • We will establish practical solutions and versatile spaces.
  • Children and adolescents will once again enjoy playing and studying in their rooms.
  • Out with clutter, piled-up clothes, and books and toys on the floor.

How about a theoretical-practical organization session for your teenagers?

I will teach you how to fold and organize your clothes, your accessories, and your cosmetics. They will like it as much as you!

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Store Rooms

Storerooms and Garages have become an absolute necessity for many of us, an extra storage space.

In order to have more space, we empty our houses and fill the storage rooms and garages with objects, furniture, books and documentation. We deposit in them what we no longer use but that we still consider useful and also objects that we need but do not use as frequently.

The problem is that this storage is not always done correctly and on many occasions what we keep is useless junk or worse still, what was still valid ends up being damaged by not storing it properly.

How will we do it:

  • I will help you organize your storage room or garage by establishing effective storage systems that allow you easy access to everything you need when you need it.
  • I will convert your garage or storage room into an extra space for storage in a personalized way and adapted to your needs.
  • We will correct humidity and ventilation systems if necessary.
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Home Staging

Home Staging is currently the best marketing strategy if you want to sell or rent your home.

Its objective is to enhance the home and present it in a more attractive way and thus be able to sell or rent it faster. The results are extraordinary as waiting days are reduced from 130 to 35 days.

It is an alternative tactic to the price drop that many sellers have to do to get their home sold.

There are two types of real estate; the ones that impress and the ones that are just pretty. It’s up to you.

If you want the advice and help of professionals in the art of Home Staging, do not hesitate to contact us.

“After seeing your impeccable house put it up for sale or for rent, you may regret it and decide to stay in it forever.”

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