5 Stars Service

5 Stars Service

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Our Clients words...


Property Management


Lorena is indeed a great professional organizer as everybody says, but above all she has got her special plus: she really becomes the alter ego that you have always dreamt about.

In other words she has the unique gift to be able to become you, but with the skill, the patience and the time that you don’t or cannot have.

I would have never been able to organize my time and my lodging in between South Pacific, Italy and Spain without losing my head if not for her constant, reliable and warm expertise.

Thank you Lorena from the bottom of my hearth for being such a great and professional person!

Magda Hussein


Property Management

Lorena showed up just when we needed her the most.

She has helped us with everything between heaven and earth. It started with an almost intractable problem of getting the internet into a historic building, to help organize parties around a wedding. And everything you can think of in between that has to do with real estate.

The common denominator is that everything has been handled very professionally and nothing has been impossible. Whatever we have asked for help with, Lorena has been there and found solutions.

Very hardworking and positive. So much fun working with you Lorena in a country where it can otherwise feel hopeless sometimes to get things done, you make sure it becomes possible.

Many thanks



Home Organizing

My home was in such a chaotic condition especially during the coronavirus pandemic as all of my children’s toys and paperwork was scattered around.

I had so much clutter in every room of my house and didn’t know where to start. Lorena is such an energetic, honest and creative person.

She has many interesting, unique and effective concepts that make your day to day tasks so much easier to do.

I have learnt so much from her and highly recommend her as a personal organizer.

Danielle Esterhuysen


Moving Organizing

Lorena helped me with one of the most difficult moves of my life.

After living in Spain for six years I suddenly had to return to Italy for family reasons.

Lorena managed my entire move: from organizing, packing, labeling and cataloging everything, to then managing the shipment of 38 boxes all the way to Italy!

She is always professional, fast and accurate.

She took care of every little detail, without hitches or setbacks!

I wish there were more Lorenas in the world!

Giulia Cipriani


Personal Organizing

Hiring their services has been the best decision I have ever made.

Lorena is passionate about order, who enjoys her work very much.

That is why I recommend it 100% to all those people who, due to different circumstances, need to put a little order in their lives.

Thank you very much Lorena!

Lluís Bort


Home Organizing + Decorating

I had a mental block on how to organize and decorate my new apartment.

I thought everything was in place but I knew something was missing.

When Lorena came home in a matter of seconds, she revolutionized everything and with a few simple and intuitive changes she solved all my problems.

Because of her, now I’m always late to places because I always stare at the floor, amazed at how well he left it.

Albert Simon


Home Organizing

I requested your services because I had a room in the house that I did not know how to organize.

In no time she offered me several ideas that had not even occurred to me.

The room has been perfectly organized and we have kept it that way for weeks!

We were so delighted that we asked her to organize the rest of the house.

I never imagined that your visit would make us so happy, the organized house gives us so much peace and is so easy to maintain.

She is so friendly, polite and efficient that I recommend her 100%.

Constanza Rotger


Home Staging

Lorena is a great professional, serious and committed.

Very useful for organizing spaces and creating Home Staging projects.

If you lack time and/or spatial vision, I recommend their services.

We have sold a house in less than a month thanks to the staging organized by Lorena.

Thank you very much for your services, we continue to count on you and of course recommending you.

Amparo Martínez Sáez


Business Organizing

The transformation has been incredible.

I have a beauty center and Lorena has helped me to make it much more orderly and functional.

Since then I have not stopped working and my clients noted the change.

Thanks Lorena!


Clostet Organizing

Lorena is amazing!

She helped me sort out and organize my wardrobe and I was very pleased!

She sees the problem at the root, and she immediately has a solution ready.

This is a woman who is in her place, and loves her work.

I was captivated by her enthusiasm and energy!

I got just a bunch of tips for organizing everything that I hadn’t even thought about.

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to order and does not know where to start!

Oksana Zubenko


Home Organizing

Lorena helped me a lot.

She helped me organize my house, created my girls’ room, advised me, recommended and decided.

But above all, I found a close, kind and empathetic person.

I hired a professional organizer, she did her job flawlessly, and along the way I found a friend.

Sergi Rojals


Home Organizing

On several occasions I have enlisted the help of SimpleLife Organizers to put my house in order.

Cabinets organized with an impeccable method, bookcases, games and materials for children’s crafts… “everything in its place, and a place for everything”.

Make the most of the potential of the rooms of the house.

Lorraine is an excellent professional.

With calm and good work, always smiling, she shows us the way to improve in the continuous task of the organization.

Super recommended!!


It's time to get your Life back.

It's time to get your Life back.

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